Friday, June 17, 2011

What’s In My Bag

I was tagged to do this a good long while ago by the lovely Ami of Sputnik Sweetheart but didn’t get around to it till recently (eep, sorry Ami! Better late than never right? Hehehe). I did a fair bit of decluttering for this shot so what you see here is just a fraction of what used to be in my bag. I mean, honestly, who needs 10 tampons, 4 different shades of lipstick, a handful of paperclips, 6 pens & a mountain of receipts & bills in their bag? No, not me (anymore).

Anyways, here’s what I carry around with me:
1. This is a new bag that I got for my birthday recently (thank you Kak Lin! I love it!). It’s a small Piccolina in dark brown by Etienne Aigner & surprisingly roomy. I generally like huge bags & was pleasantly surprised that this size works for me too.
2. A black leather purse I bought in Bangkok for less than RM100. I love it as the finish & hardware is superb but I wish I bought it in bright yellow instead because well, black is practical but so boring.
3. Keys to my house(s), car & access card in a handmade sleeve on a handmade silver leather heart keychain.
4. My beloved iPhone 3Gs. I tell myself that I should wait for the iPhone 5 before I upgrade but darn, the iPhone 4 is sooo tempting!
5. Chanel Mat Lumiere compact powder. I never leave home without a dab of this.
6. My favorite gloss of the moment is Revlon’s Colourburst Lipgloss in Peony. I also carry my own homemade lipbalm in French Vanilla & right now I’m testing out my new tinted balms which are great (if I do say so myself)! I also have a vial of my new favorite scent (Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb) & a pocket mirror with a saying I repeat to myself at least 5 times a day.
7. A wooden comb from Body Shop for those flyaway hair days.
8. Pens I can’t live without. An Artline 250 permanent marker & a black Pentel Slicci 0.4 pen.
9. Watson’s wet wipes in Grapefruit.
10. An emergency iPhone battery charger by Mili & a pink iPod Shuffle my hubby bought for me “just because” with matching pink earphones.
11. A small hand fan I bought at Daiso. Perfect for when I’m at the markets.
12. A pink bag organiser with an “I Heart Ampang” badge I bought at Urbanscapes last year.
13. El cheapo sunnies from Bangkok. Tempted to buy proper sunnies but the thought of losing or breaking a RM1k pair gives me the hives so I’ll just stick to RM10 pairs for now.
14. Eclipse Peppermint flavored mints
15. A purse hook I bought yonks ago but always forget to use much to my chagrin.

And here’s how my bag looks with everything stuffed in! Forgot to show you my Rume shopping bags that I always tuck in there somewhere. Now, what’s in your bag? Please show me & share the link in the comments below. I’d love to have a peek ;)


Volvoxx said...

I definitely need one of those bag organizer. Been eyeing for a decently priced one. My handbag has too little pockets and things end up just tossed around!

Most of the time the contents consist of
1. Purse
2. iPhone
3. Keys
4. Mini first aid kit (plaster, panadol, diarrhea meds, anti histamine for allergies). Coincidently, I put these things inside an empty can of Eclipse peppermint container. Haha!
5. Compact powder and lipstick
6. Handbag hook
7. Sunglasses (yes cheapo RM10 FTW! LOL!)
8. BROS Water tumbler (750ml) - can never live without water when I'm going out and about for a long day
9. (if the weather's crazy) Umbrella

So yes. Sometimes when I wanna find something...I feel like just emptying the whole bag. bf calls it doraemon pouch. Bet if I swing my bag at his head he'd faint! Haha!

I'd link a pic if I had one..maybe one of these days when I remember to snap it

Murni said...

thanks for sharing dear! i also carry a water tumbler & umbrella when i'm out in a separate bag (usually one of my Rume shopping bags). it's a must in our crazy unpredictable weather kan? hehe

i got my bag organiser at Popular btw. it was less than RM20 if i remember correctly.

had to laugh at the doraemon pouch line. you're bf is funny! i totally relate as i still have trouble finding things in my bag because the bag organiser has a bit too many pockets & sometimes when i'm in a hurry i can't remember which pocket is which & i end up taking forever looking for something much to my hubby's exasperation! the only good thing about the organiser, for me lah, is that i can easily swap bags :P