Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Honey Trees

If you're a fan of Breakfast at Tifanny's like me then this song, Moon River originally sung by Audrey Hepburn in the movie is sure to be familiar. In this version, I think The Honey Trees captured the wonderful dreamy essence of the song perfectly. Have a listen & I’m sure you’ll agree with me.


Anonymous said...

loving this song!!! thx for sharing
murni since ur a huge fan of Audrey do u know where i can find shirt of audrey around town? been looking and looking. online pun ok gak. thx in advance and many thx for sharing ths tune.


Murni said...

glad you like the song lene :)

hmmm i can't think where you can get an audrey tee here in malaysia since i got mine at platinum mall, bangkok a few months back. sorry i can't be of much help. will keep a lookout for an audrey tee & let you know k?

Anonymous said...

thanks girly :)

Larina said...

I loveeeee this song but the version I listened to before this was by Henry Mancini. This one is great too. Like you said.. I felt like I'm falling into my La La Dreamy Land listening to it ^0^

Murni said...

oooh the henry mancini version is lovely & i'm glad you like this version too. hope you had a nice stay at your la la dreamy land ;)