Thursday, October 27, 2011

Don’t Miss The Markets @ Jaya One!

This Saturday promises to be a barrel of fun for KL-ites as 3 markets (Chic POP Street Market, Crafty Art Market & Bettr Weekends Market) are merged into one massive shopping-fest with 100 booths selling everything from stylish clothes & handcrafted knick-knacks to organic bread. And to make things even more awesome, there’s a Swap Party where you can shop without spending a cent & of course, the Craft Party yours truly is pulling together. Wheeeee!

So, I’ll be seeing you this Saturday? ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This has got to be the cutest album I’ve laid my ears on in a good long while. As described by Wikipedia: Lullatone is a popular music group based in Nagoya, Japan, whose music is characterized by an innocent, child-like quality and spare, lo-fi sounds. Although the group refers to their style of music as "pajama-pop", it is commonly included in such musical subgenres as Twee pop, Indie pop and Electronica. It draws influence from such diverse sources as Bossa Nova, French pop music of the 1960s, children's songs and Musique concrète.”

From what I’ve heard so far, it’s all instrumental but so delightful that I think this music would be lovely playing in the background while crafting. With tracks titled “finding a leaf in your girlfriend's hair” & “riding a bike down a big hill and taking your feet off of the pedals” how can you not be delighted? Buy yourself a copy of their latest album “Soundtracks For Everyday Adventures” here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Paper Soup

Looooove these paper cuttings & watercolor art from Luci Everett. Her shop Paper Soup is cute too, check it out!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Craft Party #4 at Chic POP!

As you all know, I've been organising Craft Parties every now then but this time I'm so excited to be working with the fashionistas of Chic POP to bring you a special craft party right in the middle of the upcoming Markets@JayaOne! Since Chic POP is one of KL's major fashion event, we'll be working on refashioning t-shirts just like we did at Craft Party #3 so those of you who missed out the first time around, make sure you register now! Here are the deets...

29 October 2011 (saturday)
time: 3 time slots for you to choose from! 11am - 12pm OR 1pm - 2pm OR 3pm - 4pm
venue: Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, PJ (there will be signage pointing the way to the craft party location)
project: T-shirt Refashion
fee: RM15 (includes access to a materials "buffet" & a little take-home pack of basic sewing supplies)

Click on over to the handmadeKL website for more details!

Some of the supplies that will be available for you to refashion your t-shirts!
P/S: I'll be selling some of my handmade wares there too, so do drop by even if you're not partying with us ;)

Friday, October 21, 2011

DIY: Chalkboard Storage Jars

I started cooking regularly (like 3 - 4 times a week) & have lots of little plastic packets of various spices lying around. This simple yet handy DIY chalkboard storage jars would be perfect for my purposes & I thought I’d share with you lovely folks as you can use them not only for spices & tea as pictured above but candy, cookies & even non-edible items like hairclips. Just label with chalk & if you want to change the contents, just wipe the old written label away! Handy.

Via Wit & Whistle.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This Is A Story Of A Charming Girl

What does the video above remind you of? A certain popular movie starring Audrey Hepburn that hordes of ladies around the world adore? You guessed it! This short film by Kinga Burza for Kate Spade New York was inspired by Breakfast At Tiffany’s, one of my favorite movies of all time! It’s seriously cute, so have a looksee.

this is the story of a charming girl
she laughs out loud, sings off key and believes in taking chances
she is quick and curious and playful and strong
she lets her imagination run away with her
she has never been one to stick to convention
she is fond of daydreams that take her places
she can order a cocktail in six different languages
she feels that understated is overrated

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Geronimo Balloons

I have to admit that I haven’t quite grown up & that could possibly explain my love for balloons. These huge helium filled orbs by Geronimo Balloons have me particularly excited & would you blame me?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Last 2 Weeks

I missed this blog. How have you guys been? I've lots of new & exciting things in store that I can't wait to share but all in good time ;)

Friday, October 14, 2011

6th Wondermilk Cuppacakes Show!

Just a quick check in to let you folks know I'll be at Wondermilk's new cafe at Publika for their Cuppacake Show. See you there! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pastel & Doilies

Here in the craft room, I'm busy putting together some decorative elements for a friend's wedding this weekend & the following weekend. The shots featured here are some sneak peeks of what I'm doing. You like? Anyway, I'll be away from the blog but will drop in from time to time whenever I can. Hope you all have a great week ahead!

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