Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DIY: Picture Frame

I have a bunch of art prints & posters I’ve collected over the years that’s just sitting hidden away in a corner, waiting to be framed up because well, getting things framed can be pretty expensive. So if you’re like me, this DIY tutorial from Oh Happy Days is going to get you real excited. I think the only problem is getting your hands on a mat board cutter & plexiglass, but I’m going to forgo the mat board, substitute plexiglass with ordinary clear plastic sheets (the kind you use to make power point slides) & instead of using paper tape, I’m going to use up my washi tapes. Wheee, can’t wait to get started!


aim aris said...

Hi there Murni. Please show the final output! As this is an interesting project to do since framing a picture can be pretty expensive. :)

Murni said...

when i get around to it, i will definitely share the outcome here so stay tuned! ;)