Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012!

Wow. It’s 2012 already huh? I thought I’d have some time to breathe after Christmas but before I knew what hit me, we were ringing in the new year. I haven’t really had time to reflect on the past year nor time to come up with a list of resolutions for the new, but I can safely tell you that I had a wonderful time in 2011 filled with amazing memories & expect more of the same (if not better) in 2012. Cheers to that!

Now, I’m usually the type who breaks resolutions as soon as I make them (hands up if you relate), but I think with a little help of this DIY New Year Manifesto by Creating Clever hanging somewhere conspicuous, I might actually fulfill a resolution or two. Have a go & hey, have a happy new year while you’re at it!


ern[ ]kubikel said...

happy new year to u too.. (well, better late than never aite?)... stay crafty & creative... the pic shown a bit of what i'm trying to do this year! hahhahah... hopefully it last longer...xoxo

Murni said...

@ern[]kubikel here's hoping we stick to our resolutions this year. cheers!