Monday, October 19, 2009

Dirt Candles

To celebrate some pretty nifty news (and a huge milestone for Mimpi Murni which I will reveal soon), I decided to indulge myself this past weekend. One of the little things I treated myself to was getting a Dirt Candle from Tiny Tapir, my favorite eco-friendly store.

Now, this candle cost a quite a pretty penny. I mean honestly, I'd never buy a candle at RM100 for myself but this time I thought why not? I love candles, it's eco friendly, I definitely deserve it & gosh darn it, they smell too good to pass!

All 25 scents are oh so yummy but as I love warm & sweet scents of the edible kind for the home (think Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate & Coffee), I went with Old Faithful which is a blend of Madagascar Vanilla, Mexican Vanilla, Tahitian Vanilla & herbs. Definitely not your typical vanilla scented candle but a little bit spicy & dare I say it, sexy?

Oh, and did I mention that the candle is eco friendly & 100% natural? It's made with organic soy wax, essential oils, botanical ingredients, all natural cotton wicks & the packaging is made with recycled paper, printed with soy inks & even the glass that the candle comes in can be repurposed as a drinking glass or a container! That's not all folks... The real selling point for me is that the candle is soot-less & that the wax is safe enough to be used on your body & even your lips! So really, you're getting more bang for your buck. Nice.

I could go on & on about this candle so let's just end it here with a resounding, "I Love It!"

Check it out here at Tiny Tapir.


Gourmet Candles Distributor said...

Eco friendly candles is the way to go! I agree as they do not give off all that nasty soot.

Tiny Tapir said...

hey Murni - thanks for your vote of confidence! :) hope you're still enjoying your dirt candles and see you soon