Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hello lovelies! Every month I just seem to get busier & busier now don't I? I've some pretty exciting news which I will share in due time so do stay tuned! In the meantime, I've just updated the blogshop with a few brand new designs & some feathered hairclips! Check out my latest offerings over at Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets & More & I hope you'll find something you'll love ;)

In other news, I've decided to regularly update the blogshop instead of just doing it once a month. This means you can now get a more regular dose of Mimpi & there will be more designs available throughout the month. Yay!

Oh, and as a little something special for my regular readers, I'm giving away 3 of my homemade all-natural lip balms to 3 lucky ladies (or gentlemen)! They are retailing at RM15 each & they are already selling out at the bazaars! Just leave a comment below telling me what you like best about Mimpi & I'll randomly select 3 winners. Easy right?

FYI the lip balms were made by yours truly using only the best & choicest ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, castor oil, essential oil, beeswax & a little dash of flavoring in either yummy Mango Peach or decadent French Vanilla. Sounds scrumptious right? Trust me you'll love them ;)

So leave a comment below about what you like best about Mimpi (it can be anything from the jewelry designs, my blog posts, the bazaars I attend, my dogs & cats, anything!) to stand a chance to try out my lip balms! Just don't forget to let me know which flavor you'd like to try & include your email address so that I can contact you if you win!

So here's the Giveaway T&C again:
  • Let me know what you like best about Mimpi.
  • The randomly picked winner will receive a homemade all natural lip balm which will be posted by yours truly via Pos Laju within Malaysia or Registered International Mail.
  • Don't forget to leave your email address along with your flavor of choice (Mango Peach or French Vanilla). Please note that flavors are subject to availability.
  • Contest ends Tuesday, 3rd November 2009, 2359 hours & the winner will be notified via email. Make sure you leave a comment with a proper email.
Thanks guys & GOOD LUCK! xoxo


Unaisah Azlan said...

i love love love the name mimpi, love cabochons n especially the names that you use for each jewelry you've made.

i would scroll down just to check out the names n

yup... that earring is soo maznah n maimunah????"

hahaha love them heaps!!

n can i have the mango peach pretty please!!!

:) said...

I like Mimpi for so many reasons but the best would be that the beautiful items produced are all handmade with good quality items. The end result is really worth every cent spent on such beautiful pieces that are bound to get praises from friends and family alike.

Now that youre making all natural lipbalm is simply the tip of the iceberg. I believe Mimpi will achieve greater heights with more handmade and natural items, I cant wait!

Love love love,
French vanilla please :)

Suan Yean said...

The one thing that caught my attention the minute your website loaded on my screen is the awessooommmeee pictures. I love the pictures la seriously. They're so professionally taken :D

And btw, your earrings are gorgeous :)

French vanilla for me please :)))

m said...

I just gotta admit that the colours that you've used in your website and photographs are all beautifully done and really gorgeous!

Have always adore all of your lovely creations btw! ;)

Mango peach for me! <3

Bee said...

I love your creations + your photography. You make everything look so sweet and so so [b]dreamy[/b]. No wonder your shop is called [b]mimpi[/b]. Lol.

Mango Peach <3 ^^

kam*yu said...

I love your quirkiness and creativity.

French Vanilla

Chui Tin said...

I love this website. It's professionally done and the graphics are the right dose of cute and feminine.

(mango peach)

gadiy :) said...

I love your jewellery because it makes my girlfriend look prettier than she already is.

(she wants mango peach)

Replica Jewelry said...

Well your jewelry collection is very nice. I really like your collection. Specially the white earrings are looking awesome. I just love these earrings.

lynch said...

Hey Murni,

I still remember shopping with my mom at Happy Hippie bazaar, the Curve last year and saw for the first time all the adorable flower rings and necklaces at your booth. I bought my first Mimpi that day, my favourite white rose with silver vintage ring. Now, I am a proud owner of a Mimpi bracelet,a white dove brooch and 2 cabochon flower rings which i wear almost everyday and most of my friends identify me with these rings. :) So, i'd sincerely like to thank you for making these lovely unique special Mimpi for me!

You also never fail to be friendly every single time i dropped by at your booth and that is really a plus!

I still cant get enough of your goodies and am intending to expand my Mimpi collection. hehe. Keep up your incredible work and all the best for all there is to come :)

(mango peach yummy!)

Chris said...

Hi Murni,

Your blog is possibly one of the prettiest I've ever seen. I especially heart your blog posts on random, quirky and enlightening stuff, ranging from great photography to awesome handicraft. Plus your jewelery designs are vintage love. Keep up the great work, and have a nice day!

Mango Peach, please and thank you.

Diverchique said...


You blog reflects the true spirit of MALAYSIA BOLEH! When you set your mind to something, you just go all out and get it done! The fact that you have some pretty amazing & quirky jewellery helps too!

Would like to get my hands on some mango peach lippie!

Vivienne said...

Hi Murni
Whether I win or not, just wanted to share my appreciation of your jewellery. I discovered it recently and I was firstly, v impressed with all the effort you put into your site. It showcases your creativity and your descriptions share how you feel about your pieces, which was fantastic. Nothing like 'feeling' a piece of jewellery, especially when it's sold online! When I received my first pc, I was also impressed with the care and thought you put into the wrapping and the personal note you wrote. The Mimpi magic carried through from beginning to end and I will definitely be regularly checking out your site for new pcs and updates. Your warmth and creativity shine through in all you do. Happy Dreams, Murni!
viv.ngiau@gmail.com (mango peach)

Volvoxx said...

What I really like about Mimpi? Where should I start? ;P

I like how the pics in your site were taken. Its clear, professionally taken, and visitors get to see your products nicely.

I also ABSOLUTELY love your lovely designs! Sis got me a few items as presents and I'm absolutely hooked :D. I get excited everytime I see an update...altho I can't afford to buy much of your products yet (I'm still a student :P ) but wait till I work and get some decent paycheck...I'd be a loyal customer!

Make more pretty jewels Murni...you have no idea how much cheer it brings us visitors :D

yin.hui.tang@gmail.com ...don't know which flavour is nicer so...Surprise me! (if I'm lucky that is ;P )

ena said...

Hi Murni,

I like reading your blog because you find the most beautiful/creative products or projects online and share them with us. Some of them are whimsy, some of them are pretty...I love the papercuts by Elsita (you posted those previously), and the terrarium projects, etc. I come here for my dose of creative design!


My email is enaramli@gmail.com and if I'm one of the lucky winners, I'd like the mango peach please. Thanks!

Veronica said...

Hi Murni,

I love to visit your blog everyday, because sometime will get some surprise reading your blog. And I really love your creation, it is awesome, keep up your good job.

I love to have mango peach

Have a great day!


I've always like to read blogs about art and crafts, but this blog of yours are real cool!

In fact, I just found your blog like a few weeks ago, and I have been reading it like everyday even your older posts!

And thanks for all the posts! It really inspire me alot. Hope that you will have more beautiful creations! Look Forward! (:
Take care ya!

MANGO PEACH! (I'm so excited!)

Axtar said...

Hey there! :D

This may seem really random, but I really love the header of your site and your page layout. Your jewelry designs (especially the earrings!) are also super gorgeous! I hope you keep going at it - it's lovely to stop by and browse everytime. :)

And if I somehow get lucky, I would absolutely love the french vanilla flavor mmmm.)

Charlotte said...

I like manymanymany things about Mimpi, but there's one that stands out the most...

...and that's your attitude :)

Always bubbly, cheerful, positive and determined. Have been following your blog for some time now and have read your ups and downs, and you’ve managed to be positive about unexpected circumstances and have come out stronger. You’re even making gorgeous hair clips now! And lipbalms of course - of which I'd like a mango peach one ;)

Btw, glad you'll be updating your blog with new items more frequently now :D

Li Wang Yu Hui said...

I can't even begin to say how much I love MIMPI ! Creative, stunning and not to mention scrumptious jewelry. I am truly bewitched by all the things you've made! Keep on doing what you do best girl! Because people like you sure makes the world go round ;P

yuhui - addictfordramatic@live.com
A heavenly tube of French vanilla please :)

Kuria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kuria said...

Hey Murni!
I love Mimpi because it's an amazing blog with a beautiful layout and of course even more beautiful jewelry to boot! Looking at your jewelry just puts a smile on my first :) Thanks for utilizing your talent in such a wonderful way! I would absolutely love a Mango Peach lipbalm...pretty please! :)


The Vintage Affair said...

What i like about Mimpi?
The most is all those gorgeous rings and necklace! Especially the vintage rose cabochon! Adore it so much! Always wanted to buy one, but sold out very fast *sigh*
And i love the way Mimpi Murni always post so-so-so adorable things about other people's cratfs such as the red thread, dazey chic, a print a day and the ones i love the most are the cumulus ligth canopy and umbrella canopy!
great job murni :)

great fan,

Natasha said...


Mimpi materializes a girls dream of having fairytale-like accessories.

nurul said...

Hi Murni,

I've never buying women's weekly before, until I saw Drew Barrymore as their cover girl (She is geogeous). Then, I found bout ur blog, OMG U're so creative, i'm fallin in luv with every single piece of ur creation...feelin that I want to own all of them...u're superb. All the best dear.


cheerleader said...

Hi Murni! I already have both your lip balms but I want to send one to my cousin in the UK so I thought I'd try my luck at this! :p

What I love about your blog is that it is so "you"! Here, you have your jewelery designs, your random thoughts, things you love that catch your eye, it's not your typical blogshop and you've added a huge amount of personality to it which makes visiting your blog such a pleasure because you never know what you're going to get! Be it a new jewelery design or a competition to get some of your amazing lip balms!

My email is osem_peach@hotmail.com and my cousin would love the mango peach!