Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm Still Around

What a loooong leave of absence! What can I say besides the usual "sorry, I've been super busy" or the rather ambiguous "sorry, I wish I had more hours in a day"? Truth is, I haven't felt like blogging.

I'm dealing with an issue, something that I'm going to keep to myself for now but what I can share is that life feels a little muted to me nowadays. You know, a little less bright & sharp; a little fuzzy around the edges. But I know one day once I've pulled myself up like I've had dozens of time before, I will share my experience with you. 

In other news, I have been really busy with event styling projects which has helped with the doldrums by getting my creative juices flowing. Something that started on a whim has grown into a whole other arm of Mimpi Murni & it keeps growing! I am truly blessed. Here are a few pictures of some of the projects I've worked on…

Star Wars cupcakes by RollyPops. Love all the little details! Everyone from Leia to an Ewok to Jabba the Hut were represented.
Custom mineral water & Kit Kat bar labels I did awhile back according to the client's specific request. I love minimal design like this, truth be told.
Kanchini's baby shower at Marmalade, Publika.
Closeup details of yesterday's party.
One of the gift baskets as requested by @rozaila_z for some special people. Fleur de sel caramel popcorn, chocolate fudge, chocolate pastilles plus flowers in shades of hot pink, purple, orange & yellow. The yummy onesie shaped butter cookie is by @pearlc
Champagne colored roses, green Eustomas, soft Green Mist, orchids & various Mums.
Bobby & I have also been doing a little travelling whenever we can most notably Awanmulan of Negeri Sembilan last weekend & it was just what I needed. It's the perfect place to get some peace & quiet up in the clouds. Check out the website & you'll be mesmerised, I promise.

Arrived safely & looking forward to some R&R at this gorgeous retreat up in the clouds.
Roof & corridor at Awanmulan. Love the use of louvered windows & slats throughout the house.
Cooking has also been keeping me pretty busy. I cook mostly dishes that I grew up with but I'm also slowly building a repertoire of somewhat "fancier" dishes I can easily whip up like Salmon Fish Head Curry & Coq Au Vin (both not pictured here). 

I recreated one of my favorite childhood dishes: steamed pomfret in soy sauce with ginger & tomatoes garnished with coriander & fried onions + garlic. Accompanied by stir fried baby kailan, carrots & broccoli. This is my idea of comfort food #onlyinasia
Rosti, an egg sunny side up, caramelised onions, smoked turkey slice & baby pea sprouts.
Soft boiled ayam kampung eggs, toasted
Grilled teriyaki salmon buried under sautéed potatoes & baby pea sprouts dressed with plain ol' lemon juice + salt + pepper.
I have a lot of plans in the works & a lot more things to share with you so I hope you dreamers can bear with me a little bit longer. I will eventually pull myself out of the doldrums & in the meantime, I'll soldier on. Hope everyone out there is doing good. 

x, Murni