Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Ever since I've been busy getting this blog together, I've been really quiet over at my old blog and here too even though there have been loads of things I wanted to blog about. Like for instance...
Sujay and Poh Imm's always fun and laid back parties

Af & Farisya's Wedding

Ringing in the New Year with our friends

And there was also the lovely Valentine that the boyfriend had arranged for us: a suite at a swanky hotel with room service for two complete with wine. Of course, I can't show you the pictures for that little event but you get the idea ;)

More pictures over at my Flickr!

Anyways, after such a long absence from blogging, today I announced at my old blog about the existence of this blog. I'm hoping that the few readers I have will not mind the transition so much and will like my new layout plus find online shopping over here a little easier (when I finally put something up for sale). I'm going to keep my fingers and toes crossed in the meantime.

Monday, February 25, 2008


These fine feathered creations were made by yours truly for an exclusive, high-society Samba themed ladies' luncheon to celebrate the Raja Permaisuri Agong's birthday (the Permaisuri was the guest of honor of course). I had an unlimited budget and total freedom of creativity to come up with these hairclips/brooches for about 90 ladies in guess how many days? 3 days! Yikes! Although I loved making every single one of them as they are all totally unique, I don't look forward going through the experience again anytime soon. Hehehe.

I received some really wonderful feedback for all my hard work and was told that all the ladies at the luncheon (including the Permaisuri herself!) were delighted with my feathered creations and proudly wore it in their hair and in the Permaisuri's case, even wore it on her headscarf! How cool is that?

I'll be making more of these hairclips/brooches sometime soon and will put them up for sale right here under the Miscellaneous section. Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Good Grief!

It's taking longer than I thought to get this site just the way I want it. And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, my Pro Flickr account expired and I'm having soooo much problems renewing it. Crappity crap. Hope you'll be able to bear with me folks.
Well, at least the month hasn't been a total waste. I finally figured out how to disguise my ugly Pos Malaysia bubble envelopes. Thank goodness for spray glue, funky wrapping paper and craft punchers.