Thursday, September 15, 2011

DIY: Batu Seremban

When I saw this tutorial by Mai of Okinokiyo, I knew I HAD to share. When I was in primary school, my classmates of all races (yup, all the girls & some of the boys) & I would play this every chance we could get & made our own “batu-batu” to our individual preferences. We even had a little championship league going so yeah, you can imagine we took it a tad more serious than most but it was all in good fun.

In case you don’t know what it is, Batu Seremban or five stones is a game originally played by girls of all races in Malaysia. You only need five stones or five small objects to play with & the objective of the game is to throw one of the stones one at a time and sweeping another on the flat surface simultaneously catching the one you threw earlier on. The game continues to advance in stages & gets complicated. Here’s a video by I Heart Malaysia on how to play it:

I’m so happy that Mai shared this tutorial. It brought back lots of great memories & I really hope batu seremban is still played in schools. I’m going to make a few using Mai’s simple tutorial using fabric scraps & give them out to my friends’ kiddies.

EDIT: Mai is making the Batu Seremban for sale! They're a mere RM5 (not inclusive of postage) & all proceeds will go to charity. How cool is that? Drop Mai an email if you want to get a set (or several).


Melysa Yeap said...

Really reminds me of old times!

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

Thanks Murni for sharing it here!

Murni said...

@melysa: fun times :)

@mai: hope you don't mind babe! i just HAD to share it. hehehe :P thanks so much for creating the tutorial... it really brought back fond memories :)

Anonymous said...

salam.. can i buy dis batu seremban for 1000/set for my wedding ?? how bout da price ?? is it can make a discount ?? (;

Murni said...

salam dear, please email Mai directly to get an estimate. I don't make these for sale :)