Thursday, March 29, 2012

We Were On Bella NTV7!

our little set up
Michelle's soaps & ingredients
ingredients needed for body scrubs
tshirt refashioning!
behind the scenes 
Tallest, taller, short. L - R: Michelle, Daphne & me.
Yours truly had the honor to be on Bella of channel NTV7 a couple of weeks ago with Michelle of Kinder Soaps. We were interviewed by the effervescent Daphne Iking & shared with her our DIY passion. I showed Daphne some of the things we’ve whipped up during our HandmadeKL craft parties like refashioning old tshirts & how to make your own sugar body scrub (which Daphne is holding up in the picture above), while Michelle actually made soap on set! How cool is that?

I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I’d be on a LIVE show because Daphne made it a lot of fun & it turns out she actually has quite a lot in common with Michelle & I as she loves to craft too! We chatted during commercials so when the cameras were back on it just felt like we were continuing the conversation & we were showing a friend how we do our crafts. It was only after the whole thing that it sunk how Daphne was such a fantastic host that she was able to keep us from feeling nervous & kept the whole conversation bubbly & fun! I am officially in awe of show hosts now. It’s not an easy job eh?

Oh and before I forget, shout out to Hazie, Albert & the rest of the Bella crew for being wonderfully nice & so accommodating. You guys rock!


shelbybaby said...

shame i missed the show :( it looks like a BALL! oh and the succulents are lookin' mega pretty!! can't wait to see more of vanilla floral projects :)

Murni said...

yeah it was heaps of fun! the pictures from our succulent debut under Kitfox Grace will be up soon ;)

Anonymous said...

For sure Bella's hosts are the best.