Friday, June 24, 2011

Don’t Forget!

Jaya One -JPG-highres + Phase 3
I’ll be at Markets@Jaya One bright & early tomorrow under Chic Pop Street Market so look for me at table number 27 (marked with a heart), within the vicinity of The Bee restaurant. My neighbors amongst others will be Old Blossom Box, Things Eye Made & Trendy Confessions so I’ll be in good company (here’s a complete list of who will be there). As you can see, the market is going to be H U G E & pictured here is just a fraction of what’s in store because it only shows the vendors under Chic Pop, whereas there are still the Crafty Market & Bettr Weekend section! Didn’t I tell you it’s going to be huge? Bring lots of extra shopping bags folks, you’re going to need it. See you tomorrow!

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shelbybaby said...

read this post too late. came looking for you in the late evening and couldn't find your booth... no biggie, just wanted to say hi :)