Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chic Pop 8

As usual, I had a lot of fun at Chic Pop under the Markets@Jaya One! Even with the crazy heat & overwhelming crowd, I really enjoyed meeting the many folks, some familiar faces & some new, who took the time out to drop by my table to say hello or to give one or two of my creations a good home.

I added a few new pieces to my display but the pictures turned out kinda dark since I only had time to snap them in the morning when the sun wasn’t quite out yet. Luckily, Zaahira (thanks babe!) was nice enough to send me an email of the pictures she took & I love my trees for the buntings + how colorful everything looks! Check it out below…

Did you make it to Chic Pop at the Markets@Jaya One? Which one was your favorite booth & what was your favorite purchase? Do tell!

P/S: I'm so sorry to hear from a few people that they had trouble looking for me at the market. The layout was a little weird & the crowds of people + racks of clothes blocking this way & that probably didn't help. Next time, if I get hidden away somewhere, I'll be sure to put out "breadcrumbs" k? ;)


Volvoxx said...

Aaaa I miss going to flea markets and these events in KL. Used to go there alot with my sis back then when I worked there during my industrial training. Now that I'm in Penang, there seem to be so little of these. Went to your stall once or twice before only...which is not often enough! Hopefully one of these days I'll be able to venture out to KL during one of these events. I'll pop by to say hi!

Zaahira said...

No biggie ;)