Monday, June 20, 2011

Art For Grabs

I’ve been really lucky that I’ve taken part as a vendor in lots of awesome events like Chic Pop, Urbanscapes, Crafty Art Market, KLPac’s Open Day, Bijou Bazaar, Lah Lah Land, etc.. However, it sucks that I never get to shop at these events because I have my mind my own booth so when Art For Grabs rolled in, I decided that I can not miss this golden opportunity to shop to my heart’s content. To optimise the shopping experience, I decided to go by myself (I shop best when I’m on my own) & took my own sweet time browsing & snapping pictures, so here’s what I saw…

AFG took place at the Annexe Gallery at Central Market

A gasing or spinning top demonstration took place at the front steps of Central Market. I love those tiles.

The crowd at AFG. Trust me, It got seriously packed at one point that I had to do this funny shuffling, duck walk in order to maneuver my increasingly expanding & heavy shopping bag.

 A somewhat shy Dura of The Fashion Forest & the ever friendly Nirwana of My Glass Cubicle

One of these “flower elf” amigurumi by AChiBuu came home with me 

After leaving Central Market (& exhausting my purse), I decided that I had to get some flowers for my “flower elf.” I think she approves.

So my lovelies, how was your weekend?

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Fenny Setiawan said...

I love Central market, but I missed this event. I should check your blog more often so I wont miss those local event :).

The next one at jaya1 I really cant make it because I will be in Thailand. Too bad. Have fun at there ok.