Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pink Fairy Cottage

How adorable is this? Scroll down & prepare to be delighted.

A wee little Pink Fairy Cottage I first spotted on one of Design is Mine's Flickr Fridays entitled Into A Story Book.

I fell in love with the interior at first sight. Looking at the pictures made me want to play Tea Party like when I was 5!

Oh yes, you are such a lucky little girl!

Click on over here to see more pictures of the Pink Fairy Cottage & start wishing you were 5 again, totally in love with pink & believe that dressing up as a fairy on a daily basis is perfectly acceptable.


Zuriani Y. said...

oh my god the cottage look so cute!!!

Murni said...

i couldn't agree more with you zuriani! i wish i had one as a kid... in fact i don't think it's too late to indulge ;P

chuishia said... is my absolute fave color!!! i'm dreaming of my pink room right now...*drool*

Murni said...

hey ya chui shia! pink is one of my fave colors too... i personally think the world needs more pink as it's the most universally flattering shade!