Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Going Indie: Don't Hover

Today's tip applies to those who do offline sales by taking part in bazaars or operate a brick & mortar business. Being an avid shopper myself, I hate it when a sales person shadows my every move & watches over me as if I'm going to steal something! This happens to me a lot at Guardian Pharmacy for some reason & so instead of comfortably taking my time browsing the selection & looking for new products, I end up just grabbing whatever it is I need or leaving empty handed just to get out of there as soon as possible. The constant hovering just irks me to the point of exasperation & I know I'm not alone when I want to scream, "back off!" in this sort of situation.

And so now listen up all you intrepid entrepreneurs, if you want to be an effective & attentive sales person, you could always approach the person who has wandered into your stall or shop with a smile & a hello or ask them if there's anything you can help them with. Once you get your response, help your customer if needed, answer their questions if any then give them the space to look over your products. You really don't have to stand at their elbow & follow their every move with your eyes. Trust me, it's awful shopping when you feel the sale person could've been a Rottweiler with a grudge in their past life.

I generally give my customers a couple of minutes to let their eyes wonder over my designs then strike up a conversation when they pick up something or touch something by giving them a little background info on the cabochon or charm used in the design. Sometimes this attempt falls flat but more often than not, it generates more interest in my products & even if they don't buy anything from me right then & there, I make sure they grab one of my business cards before leaving my stall at the bazaar so that they know how to find me or to contact me. No stress, no muss & you might even end up being friends with your customer at the end of the day!


Volvoxx said...

I totally agree! I really really REALLY hate it when they follow me around hovering and eyeing me whenever i shop in their store, as if I was gonna steal anything I touch. It happens a lot when I go to those hair accessory shops-clips,hairband,etc ...Most of the time I'd just leave empty handed cuz It irritates the hell outta me.

Murni said...

hey ya volvoxx! yeah, i've noticed the constant hovering at the accessory shops too. i strongly feel that if they're so afraid of ppl stealing their merchandise, they should install cc tvs & have ONE person monitor the screens from behind the counter & the salesperson's energies (& salary) could be put to better use. glad to hear from a like minded person out there. thanks for sharing :)