Friday, February 27, 2009

DIY Fun!

Claudia Low of KLue just posted a great little write up all about DIY Fun! To quote Claudia: "DIY projects not only enable you to get things done while saving cash, it also empowers you. If a project turns out well, you can even start your own business and make profits from it! Just remember to think unique!" Hear, hear!! I couldn't agree more!

Claudia cited some great websites that specialize in all things DIY like Instructables (my fave go-to site for crafts), DoItYourself (a new discovery for me, thanks KLue!), Etsy (a site I spend waaaaay too much money at buying all sorts of greats handicrafts from around the world!) & Fire Mountain Gems (a great place to buy jewelry findings & beads!). Another personal fave of mine which I'd like to add is Threadbanger. Go check all these great sites for tonnes of DIY ideas & materials!

Oh, and thanks again to Claudia & KLue for making my day by mentioning Mimpi! I ♥ KLue a whole lot!


Barbara said...

You have some of my favorite tools up there! (Although missing those tweezers for threadknotting *g*)

Power tools! (Makes Tim Allen noises)

Murni said...

hahaha i miss home improvement! tim & al taught me 3 valuable lessons for Doing It Yourself: preparation, preparation & preparation. hehehe

oh the picture was taken of KLue's website btw. i'll be sure to include the credit next time around. bad murni!

Dave Robertson said...

Hi Murni, I'd also suggest and Both offer huge compilations of inspiring craft ideas. Fun to read over a cup of tea...

at Rings & Things

Murni said...

oooooh, thanks for the tip dave! i'm definitely checking them out now... with a cup of tea of course ;)