Thursday, February 19, 2009

Le Balloon Rouge

Spotted these pictures on Oh Joy awhile back & just remembered to share them with you. I took a really awesome class back in uni called From the Beats to the Bongs where we got to study popular literature, movies & music from the late 1950s - 1970s & one of the first few movies we got to study was this darling 34 minute French short fantasy film from 1956 called Le Ballon Rouge which was filmed mostly silent. It's a simple & innocent story about a little boy who finds a red balloon on his way to school one morning. Do watch the entire film here & I hope you'll love it as much as I do.

Oh by the way, this short film has inspired a fairly recent movie starring Juliet Binoche (one of my favorite actresses of all time) called Le Voyage du Ballon Rouge . Another excellent movie :)


Naziehah said...

I watched it, I watched it.
And I loooove it :D.
Thanks for sharing.

Murni said...

glad you love it dear! it's a very simple yet adorable story isn't it? it never fails to make me laugh when he scolds the balloon for being naughty!