Thursday, February 5, 2009

GAZA: Let There Be Love Fundraiser

Hey folks! Sorry for the late post. I've just been confirmed to participate as a trader at the RANtai Fundraiser for Gaza. Here are the details as taken off from the RANtai event blog:

With the world recently been devastated with what has been done upon the Palestenians, we at “RANtAi”, feel the urge to lend a hand, or as many as possible, in our way by creating a fund raising event. We, as the young generations of young artists and professionals, come forward to you with this; A charity event is a combination of a fundraiser for Gaza, booths consisting various types of products, performing arts/music, and charity auctions.

  • To raise funds with a target of RM10,000 to help those in need in Gaza;
  • Produce awareness, comprehension and appreciation of love and peace;
  • Sharing the practice of kindness and tolerance amongst each other;
  • As gateway to young artists to expose their artworks;
  • As a gateway to get connected with each other and by expanding one's network;
  • To provide guests with information about arts and entrepreneurship;
  • Young artists are given a chance to showcase their personal idealism;
  • Giving a chance for art lovers and online shoppers to share their opinion, knowledge and potential with everyone;
  • An opportunity for the public to mingle with artist, inculcate a better understanding and a concern for our local art scene and nourish the development of local art while contribute to charity;
  • A percentage of the sales will be proceeded to the fund.
Date: 7th February 2009
Time: 10am - 10pm

Venue: Buzz 'R, 3rd Floor, Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya

(near LRT Taman Jaya & A&W Restaurant)

Mimpi along with the other traders at this Fundraiser have pledged to contribute a percentage of all sales & proceeds towards helping the Palestinians so come shop to do good folks! Here's the Facebook event page if you'd like more info. Hope to see you there!

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