Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Going Indie: Which Bazaar? V.2

In response to my first Going Indie post, I've received a few emails asking for more pointers as to where to even begin finding a bazaar to join... a point which I took for granted other people would know! And so, with 16 events under my belt since August last year, I will try to elaborate somewhat...

This may seem obvious but you should start your research as to which bazaar would "fit" with your product & price range best by checking out the bazaars yourself to have a feel of the vibe & the crowd plus suss out the competition. If you don't have the luxury of actually going to a bazaar, then I suggest you check out Emmagem or Tongue In Chic for their reviews of bazaars or check out other online seller's blogs (like mine) & websites to find out which bazaars they've taken part in & if they have any comments.

Most, if not all bazaar operators like Bijou Bazaar, Threadszoo, RANtai & LapSap have a blog or website plus a Facebook group so you should also look them up by searching them on Google or Facebook (go do it now!). Join their mailing list & Facebook group to be updated on any upcoming events while you're at it!

Once you've gauged the right bazaar for you, simply contact the bazaar operators directly via email or mobile & express your interest to join & ask any questions if you're still unsure. Simple. IF there's a long wait list to join the bazaar of your choice, then I suggest persistence, persistence, persistence. It will pay off when you start selling your products & start getting exposure, trust me.

Got another question for me? Shoot me an email: mimpi [dot] murni [at] gmail [dot] com

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