Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pauper's Wishlist

The Pauper's Wishlist

There's a new blogshop reviewer in town ladies! Go check out The Pauper's Wishlist for Amanda's personal picks for all things stylish. In Amanda's own words: With opinion and review in the blend, The Pauper's Wishlist includes interesting finds from her daily blogshop browsing, finds she covets but can ill afford. From apparel to accessories, from bags to books, from brand new to handmade, from pre-order to pre-loved. Commentary, musings and, get this, actual reviews! No feel good, free publicity, buy-buy-buy here. All in her humble and honest opinion. Prepare for long-windedness and smileys :P

A big THANK YOU to Amanda for reviewing Mimpi ;)


The Pauper said...

Hey there, thanks for the introduction :]
Looks like we're all plugging for each other now =P

Murni said...

no worries dear.
keep up the good work! ;)