Monday, January 19, 2009

Bijou Bazaar at KLPac's Open Day

A shot of Sentul Park's sign with a vendor's display hanger thingie (so sue me, I don't know what it's called) all decked out.

As usual, I had a lot of fun at Bijou Bazaar & the weather was blessedly lovely. It was hot but breezy throughout the day & the skies were so clear & blue... You couldn't ask for a better day to hang out at KLPac's gorgeous grounds for their annual Open Day.

After the shot above, I handed the camera to the bf to mess around with as I'll be practically tied down to my table throughout the entire event. Unfortunately the camera's battery died after a couple of shots but the bf was kept properly entertained as there were a lot of activities (which I missed) & exhibits (which I got to see at the end of the day).

That's me trying to act nonchalant (or candid as the bf would put it) for the camera. It's hard work man! Anyways, check out the amazing brickwork of KLPac's main building. You gotta love those colonialists.

I'm laughing uproariously at something a lovely lady commented on. She suggested that I should use a plain colored table cloth so that my jewelry would stand out better. The bf had actully pointed out this practical piece of info yonks back when I first started using this Japanese cotton table cloth but I've been denying it for the longest time simply because I'm stubborn & I love the pattern. You should've see the bf's smug face when the lady mentioned the table cloth issue. That's why I was laughing so hard & the bf had to take a picture.

The KLPac Symphony. I was very sorry to have missed it :(

There are more pictures which I will be loading up to my Flickr album. Anyways, all in all I thought KLPac's Open Day was a blast & Bijou Bazaar was at its element: trippy, happy & friendly. Can't wait for the next event! I'll keep you lovelies updated.


patty said...

i having the same table cloth issues too...pengsan...:P
see u soon dear..

Murni said...

we're in the same boat eh patty? hahaha

shelbybaby said...

don't take away your kimono cotton table cloth!! d 1st thing that drew me to ur table was ur kimono cotton table cloth! (where'd you det it anyways? i'd make it into a nice Sunday dress). Old ladies and bfs... what do they know-lah? Ok maybe alot but darnit... keep d cloth!

Murni said...


thanks for the vote of confidence shelby! i'm now in the midst of looking for a suitable replacement... something just as pretty but not as overwhelming as the current table cloth. we'll see if i succeed... otherwise it stays! hehehe

i think i got the material from gulati's but i could be wrong. if you look under the Japanese Cotton section you can find loads of really nice designs for that Sunday dress ;)