Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Going Indie: Looks Sells

So. You've set up a blog. You've posted some pictures. You've taken part in a bazaar or two. You think you've some great products to sell but why aren't you getting as many customers as you should? I get this question posed to me quite often from new sellers & more often than not, upon visiting their blogs/websites or hearing about their experience at the bazaar, I have to give it to them straight... In the retail world, "looks" sells. It's what draws in the potential customer & hopefully keeps them hooked to your products. If all you're using is a standard template for your blog/website or your table at the bazaar was put together without much thought or care, chances are people won't bother to give you a second glance.

Evaluate the overall image you're projecting: blog layout, banners, pictures, table set up, etc. Are you using a standard template for your blog/website? Are the pictures you're taking to post online dark & fuzzy? Did you forget to bring a table cloth with you to the bazaar? Are your make shift racks & displays falling down at the slightest touch? With all of this plus the addition of facing competition from hundreds (if not thousands or millions) of other businesses out there, do you really think you stand a snowball's chance in hell? I guess not too.

What to do now? Weigh your strong points & personal tastes. Make sure your business' image is at least in line with your products' (kawaii cuteness + business attire = so wrong). Learn how to take better pictures. Download an adorable background for your blog/website. Get a table cloth made or buy it ready made. Invest in some displays or racks, or hey, make your own for that personal touch (just make sure it doesn't fall over when the wind blows). With a creative approach to the image of your business you're sure to win over the hearts of like minded people who will in turn (hopefully) become your customers.


Anonymous said...

Great tips Murni.

Tq =)

I'll definitely work on making my blogs look more pretty.

Wendy Sue said...

I couldn't agree more. :) But if you ask me, it's not just the retail world. Image sells in every aspect of our life.

Murni said...

glad you find my tips helpful naziehah :)

yes, it's a sad sad reality wendy. anyways, thanks for popping by & sharing!