Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Handmade All The Way Baby!

I'm so lovin' all my handmade buys from Creative Mafia! Here are the links to the creative people behind these lovely goodies & a little info in no particular order:

Wrapping paper by Kam Su-Sze. This little dynamo of an 8 year old came by my stall with an older boy, gave me a cheeky little smile & immediately won me over. I bought the wrapping paper she had designed herself in an effort to raise funds for World Vision Malaysia. Each set consists of 2 different designs of wrapping paper & 2 gift tags with Su-Sze's poems & retails at RM10 per set.

Fashion-na-nimal Darlings Paper Dolls. I saw these displayed on the wall but thought they were part of an art installation so I lamented to Iwan (who's part of the Bijou Bazaar organising team) of the tragedy of not being able to bring the little Darlings home with me. And like the trooper that Iwan is, she went to find out if the Darlings were for sale & once confirmed that they were, like a shot I snapped up 3 little Darlings for myself! And to make the deal even sweeter (or probably because she wanted to calm me down as I was sooo excited) the artist Dura picked out another Darling for me for free! I gave the lovely Dura a hug & skipped back to my table with what has got to be the chicest paper dolls I've ever had. Check out her blog for more lovely artwork & woohoo, she mentioned me! Yay! Each Darling retails at RM5 (great buy for artwork people!).

Key Lime Tarts & Apple Crumble by Taste Invasion. Oh. My. God. They were soooooo gooooooood. I kept going back for more throughout the 3 days & now I'm hording the last of the Apple Crumble (Key Lime Tarts didn't even last the car ride home). Luckily Kaye does delivery near my area so I'll be ordering again very soon. Each tart retails at RM2 per piece.

Embroidered Cosmetic Pouch from Patty Belle. Finally had the opportunity to meet Patricia, the maven behind Patty Belle after much emails & Gchatting back & forth. Her stall was filled with lovely handmade goods from friends & from her travels all of which I adore. My cosmetic pouch retails at RM24.90.

Tiny Buttons & Matches plus Screen Printed Tees from Karya. I think this design team had the most creative stall set up by far (chicken wire & styrofoam alphabets... hard to miss!). Anyways, I scored on some cute handmade buttons (RM2 each), a handmade tiny box of matches (RM0.50 I think!) & had an old t-shirt of mine screen printed right then & there for RM5 with the design of my choice & another one screen printed with their t-shirt for RM15 (which funnily has a Zion label... a parody perhaps for their "Free Palestine" design?). The total damage was RM26.50.

Handwoven wallet, pouch, basket & butterfly brooch from Gerai OA (they don't have a website but you can contact Reita at geraioa@gmail.com). I had the fantastic luck of setting up my table right within close proximity to Gerai OA which is a nomadic, volunteer-run stall that sells handicrafts made by the Orang Asal (OA), the indigenous minorities of Malaysia. 100% of the sales monies is returned to the indigenous craftspeople & they sell a myriad of lovely handmade products such as beaded necklaces, bracelets, brooches & keychains, puzzles, wind pipes, etc. My favorite has got to be the intricately woven wallets & pouches & each piece is so afforadbly priced at only RM10.50 - RM14.50 (depending on the design). I actually bought a whole lot more than what you see pictured here so my total is somewhat high in comparsion to the rest.... get ready for it... RM64 for 2 wallets, 2 pouches, 2 baskets & 4 brooches. I consider it a very, very good buy.

My other purchases not pictured here are:

Handpainted top from Devotee. Each piece is hand painted by the adorable Millie. I got the grey sexyah top with the Matryoshka doll from her new Kitsch collection which is not pictured in her blog or vlog but trust me, it's as adorable as Millie herself. I just had to have it! Retails at RM48.

Highwaisted skirt from Nana G. The skirt was designed by my lovely friend Nana & it's made locally. I just love her design sensibilities as each piece is so easy to wear & figure friendly. I predict that this skirt is going to get lots of wear. Retails at RM119 but for the event she slashed it down to RM53! Steal!!

Hazelnut Brownies by Azlan of Euphorics. Totally blew my mind. Enough said. I'm so ordering more. RM4 per slice, 3 slices for RM10 or RM60 for the whole cake.

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i.itch.illustrations said...

Hi Murni!
Thanks for dropping by at The Fashion Forest! I hope you enjoy the paper dolls and I'm sure my girls were happy to have you too. Good luck to you and keep on making lovely stuffs. Have a nice day!


Murni said...

hi dura dear! thanks for dropping by. i love your little darlings & right now they're looking down on me as i type this. i'm sure they miss you a lot. anyways, can't wait to see more fantastic work from you soon (i want to add more paper dolls to my little family too!). take care now ;)