Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jewelry Organizers

I get a lot of people who ask me if my jewelry displays are for sale. Well, the answer is a resounding NO: Not now, not ever as each piece of display took me ages to hunt down during my travels. But here are some jewelry organizers from Urban Outfitters (Again! That's twice this week... I'm shameless I know!) for your viewing pleasure.

Yes Frills. A very practical piece if you have the wall space & if you like your jewelry on display. You can hook your earrings & necklaces practically anywhere.

Birds on a Branch. I say TO HECK with practicality! I love this piece simply for the little birdies.

Lace Pedestal. This piece is great for chucking your rings, bangles & watches plus it gives you space to hang your earrings. Ingenious & chic!

Mirror Mirror. This has got to be my favorite by far & the most practical as all jewelry needs to be stored away from exposure to dust & moisture (in our humid weather this is very important to avoid). All my jewelry is actually kept in a special jewelry bag & stored in a jewelry box much like the one pictured above when not on display. This prolongs the life of the jewelry.

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