Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Calendar Lovin'

There are years where I don’t buy a single calendar or organiser & not miss it at all but for 2011 I thought I’d better get my butt organised with the wedding just around the corner. So I splurged & got me not one, but two calendars! The first of course is Lisa Rupp’s hot air balloon fabric calendar for its special significance for my fiancé & I. This one is just meant to hang in my craft room & look pretty so I got a desk calendar for scribbling on but I did not get any ol’ desk calendar. It’s a DIY desk calendar. Yup. I just had to get the DIY kind. Hehe.

Now, Grandluxe is a local manufacturer of notebooks & organisers which first caught my attention 2 years back with their colorful & tasteful line of notebooks. Since then, all my notebooks are by Grandluxe which I purchased at Kinokuniya & when I saw this new desk calendar which is “designed to let your creative thoughts flow” I just had to grab one. Basically it’s plain & printed on quality black paper with little die-cut slots for you to insert your pictures or you can do whatever else that inspires you! Draw, decoupage, write a haiku or hey, you can do like I did above & write your to-do list (all wedding related) on a paper doilly & paste it on with some Japanese washi tape. The possibilities are endless & I look forward decorating the coming months.

Ok 2011, I’m ready for you.

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