Wednesday, December 1, 2010

KLue + Etsy Malaysia Crafty Art Market

Hi all! I’m still recovering from my weekend which started off with the first ever Crafty Art Market followed by kite flying on Sunday (yes, it rained & it was very muddy) then birthday celebrations for my fiancé. I won’t get into the details of it all but I do want to share with you about my experience at the Market.

Kudos goes out to Shermen of KLue & Michelle of Kinder Soaps (also of Team Etsy Malaysia, of which I am now a proud member of) for organising a successful event. It was very well thought of & executed plus the location around The Bee at Jaya One was just the right combination of easy accessibility & cosiness. People just kept coming despite the rain, so much so that I hardly had time to sit & catch my breath! The success of this event strengthens my conviction that this whole handmade movement is not just a passing craze but something that is here to stay as more & more people turn to lovingly handmade & unique crafts instead of generic & mass produced products. My only one regret for the event is that I didn’t have time to meet & chat with all the lovely vendors although I have a sneaking feeling that I’ll be visiting their Etsy shops soon as I saw quite a few things that I’d like to make mine (click here for a list of all the vendors). Man, I just can’t wait for the next Crafty Art Market!

Oh, and not forgetting you lovely folks who took the time out to drop by & say hi: Thank you from the bottom of my heart… I can’t even begin to tell how much it means to me. I hope some of you who went away with a little piece of my Mimpi love them as much as I loved dreaming them up ;)

Here are a few pictures I managed to snap with my iPhone…

iPhone Camera Roll 2070
My table all set up
 iPhone Camera Roll 2072 Me & my lipbalms

iPhone Camera Roll 2073Michelle’s son Rueben who was so happy to just play in his pen & gurgle away. 
Isn’t he adorable? I just want to eat him up!


Salameander said...

*Gasp* You're the only one who has a photo of Reuben on Market day - even I didn't snap one of him! Thanks for the writeup and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Here's to bigger and better Crafty Art Markets in the future!

Murni said...

my pleasure michelle! i really had fun & i can't wait for the next market. do keep me posted k?

btw i can email you a copy of that picture of reuben if you like. oh and i have to say that reuben & andrea were so well behaved & i'm sure brandon is just as sweet!

Salameander said...

Yes please, I'd appreciate the photo very much!

As for the kids' behaviour, well... Reuben's always like that, whereas Andrea and Brandon can be absolutely devilish at home. >.< But yes, they're lovable all the same.

Murni said...

i just emailed you a copy!

kids need to be a little devilish now & then otherwise life wouldn't be interesting ;)

shelbybaby said...

omg murni we have so many of the things (literally) in common!! had bought them for a future stall use as well, altho now they just function as, like, butter containers to impress the guests. long live our purveyor of fine and cute kitschy delights for only rm5 each! :D

babe are your buntings up for personalization?

Murni said...

oh, you know what they say about great minds thinking alike right (although i had to LOL at the butter container line! too cute)? daiso is just heaven & now i wish i had bought more of the little plates to use as butter dishes to impress guests! hehehe ;)

yup, i can personalise the buntings up to 13 characters. email me with what you have in mind k?