Friday, December 17, 2010

Etsy Malaysia Secret Santa

I just can’t resist sharing this Etsy Malaysia Secret Santa gift I put together with you lovely folks on blogland. Anyways, I’m pretty sure my recipient doesn’t know I exist on Blogspot & Twitter so this little sneak peek won’t hurt + it’s a Secret Santa thing so she won’t know till she gets it, right? Right. Hehe.

I had quite a hard time figuring out what to make & give for someone I’ve never met or communicated with, so I just stuck to her wish list (luckily she had one!) & added a few things that I wouldn’t mind receiving myself. Hope she’ll like it. Things I included: my homemade French Vanilla lipbalm + a new tinted lipbalm (will be releasing it soon, watch this space), some soaps that I also made (just for Christmas gifts), some note cards that I hand stamped, a couple of postcards with Dura’s gorgeous illustrations, some quilting fabric quarters & a notebook to jot down craft ideas.

You like?

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