Monday, December 27, 2010

A Small Patch Of Blue Sky

So folks, how was your Christmas weekend? As we don’t celebrate Christmas in this household, we just took it easy, stayed away from the malls & I took the opportunity to recover from my Jakarta trip & the combo of fever, flu & cough that usually comes after a bout of travelling & non-stop activity. The picture above was taken on Saturday, right before the rain fell, when Bobby the fiancé was making full use of the strong wind & played with his sports kite (he’s getting really good at it by the way). I was watching from under a lovely ol’ tree, taking shelter from the impending rain when I looked up & saw a patch of blue sky then the sun suddenly peeked out like a blessing. Thought I’d share the picture with you :)


Anonymous said...

so sooo beautiful! i don't know why but it fills me with such peace looking at it.

maybe because at the time you taking the picture, that's what you are feeling too. :)

Murni said...

yes, i was feeling very much at peace. that's awfully perceptive of you to point it out & i'm very glad my picture brought some pleasure to you too.