Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I am so very much in love with Pixar's (not-so) new movie, Up. I know I tweeted this last week but I gotta say that I must've scared the folks sitting nearby us with my out-of-control-laughter & not-very-adult-like-glee when Tsu Mae, Bobby & I watched the 3D version. It was gloriously clap-happy funny & I'm SO going to watch it again! And again. And again. I think when I do have kids someday, I'm going to bore them senseless by making them watch Up over & over again. Hah!

Anyways, if you have kids in your life or if you're a kid for life, make sure you take some time out to go watch this movie. It's a darling little gem that will not only have you laughing like a rollicking hyena but also capable of turning you into soft, gooey, mush. Two thumbs & two stinky big toes up. Pun intended.

P/S: I'm especially in love with Dug the talking Golden Retriver. It just slayed me when he said, "I just met you, and I love you" & believe or not but this animated characther was awarded the Palm Dog Award by the British film critics as the best canine performance at Cannes Film Festival! Yay Dug!


Shikin Hambali said...

I totally love the movie to. I just love how it's so mature yet it was so damn funny. POINT! i guess i could join u cz i laughed till i cried!

Murni said...

YAY Shikin! it's so nice to hear that someone else loves the movie as much as i do :)

i even downloaded the wallpaper & i'm looking for the official merchandise too! hehehe