Wednesday, September 23, 2009

45 Minutes Can Change Everything

If you've been following this blog or my notes over at FaceBook you'd realise that yesterday was the first time I left my humble little abode on the WWW unattended without a post to share. It felt quite strange & I was thinking of all sorts of lovely stuff over the Raya weekend that I wanted to blog about today but something happened yesterday to erase all thoughts of Raya goodies, DIY tutorials, recipes & retail theraphy.

On Sunday night the man & I were at a couple's home whom we consider dear, dear friends for a late night, extended open house. Not 3 hours after we left this scene of merriment still in full swing, the said couple lost a huge chunk of their lives in a mere 45 minutes as flames consumed the top half of their home due to what is believed to be faulty electrical wiring.

Luckily no one was hurt but you can imagine the state of shock everyone is in not to mention how deeply saddened the affected couple must be feeling. It felt so surreal when we walked through the house yesterday to help them move out the pieces of their lives that survived the fire as we were all in the same spot only mere hours ago laughing & enjoying each other's company.

Despite it all, the affected couple still found the strength to count their blessings & the grace to be such wonderful hosts to the crowd of people who came to help them out & that is truly inspiring. My thoughts & prayers goes out to them & I hope they know that they can count on Bobby & me to help however & whenever they may need it.

* The affected couple will remain nameless out of respect for their privacy. If you know who they are, please refrain from calling them the next couple of days as they need time to themselves. Thanks for understanding.

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