Friday, December 19, 2008


Sorry, no time to post anything much today darlings. I'm busy with last minute preparations for Fleur De Lis tonight (so much for being quite relaxed this week :P)! Do drop by, say hey ya & pick up one or two pieces of Mimpi jewelry k? I've got some brand spankin' new jewelry designs to unveil... Come & see for yourself ;)

Oh hey, here's a quickie before I go! If you're in the market for some unique, top-notch t-shirts made right here in KL to give out this Christmas, check out Question The Brand tees. They have a limited edition Question Santa tee (only 80 in circulation) & are having a promo! Their high-quality tees usually retails at RM89 but for a limited time only the Question Santa tees are going for RM69! But wait, it gets better folks! If you enter the code QuestionMimpi they'll knock off another RM10! That's RM59!! Check out their controversial design... pretty neat eh?

Hmmm... since you put it that way! I'll never look at Santa the same way again 0_o

Go grab it before they're gone by emailing & don't forget to tell them that Murni sent ya! (Enter the code QuestionMimpi to get a further reduction of RM10)

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