Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Black Tie, White Lie

I LOVE the writing & photography to be found on Black Tie, White Lie. It's a foodie's blog but with bits of travel in it too all very eloquently written & gosh darn entertaining! The contributors, Nic & Weekend Peach review everything from local food to fusion, fast food to fine dining & seem to travel quite a bit. Be forewarned: If you're hungry you better stay away lest your stomach revolts on you.

I constantly crave a good nasi lemak, don't you? This one looks good but they reviewed it as average. Must be the great photography skills that has my stomach rumbling now.

Warm Chocolate Biscuit With Chestnut, Nougat and Rum Ice Cream at Sage. Yummy! Review here.

A recent sojourn to Melaka. Love this shot.

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Nic (KHKL) said...

Hello Murni! Thanks for dropping by and for such a wonderful post on my blog! Such an honour!

Here's wishing you a great new year ahead and many more great designs to come! ;)

Murni said...

hey ya Nic! thanks for dropping by MY blog! i truly admire the work you've put in with your blog... i can't imagine that it's easy at all!

anyways, i can't wait to get more tips on where to eat or travel to from your blog in the coming new year! have a great one too ;)