Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mimpi Body Scrub

In an attempt to be eco conscious & creative yet fabulous this year, I decided to make a batch of Brown Sugar Body Scrubs to give out as Christmas cum thank you pressies this year.

The body scrub is pretty simple to make & smells absolutely delicious especially since I added Coffee scented fragrance oil to the mix! Heaven. It leaves a lovely scent on the skin which is not overpowering & with the Vitamin E oil added it's really moisturising too.

I scored these adorable mini glass mason jars from Peddlars in Great Eastern Mall & I must have cleaned them out 'cos I can't find them there anymore! Let me know if you see them anywhere ya?

The tags were simply made with some scraps of Japanese cotton fabric I have lying around & I hand wrote each little label with the list of ingredients at the back. I left the tags pretty much as is as I think the frayed edges adds a little shabby chic charm. Then I topped it all off with a little bow & there you have it, Mimpi Body Scrub.

I personally use it before shaving my legs as the scrub exfoliates (well, duh!) & when I lightly rinse it off the oil residue on my skin is just perfect to make shaving super smooth! Good bye expensive shaving creams! I also find scrubbing very relaxing & the sort of sugar I used has very fine granules so it doesn't hurt my skin like some other scrubs I've used in the past.

I will continue to refine my recipe & will share it with you some day soon. Stay tuned now!

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