Thursday, December 11, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

Don't know what to get the man in your life this Christmas? Go read the most practical & funniest (by far) guy's gift guide over at Design*Sponge (yes, I stalk it... you should too!).

My favorite gift suggestions include:
  • Clothes that will make him look "hot". According to AC, the dude behind the review, "you can talk most guys into wearing anything if they really believe it makes them look hot."
  • Knight Rider GPS System. Go figure.
  • Book: Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground 1981-1991, Michael Azzerad
  • CD Box Set: “No Thanks! The ’70s Punk Rebellion
  • And the BEST advice? "What do you do if there’s a few things you really want to get him but can’t? One need look no farther than (sweet, sweet) reality television for advice: strategize and form alliances. Pick the thing within your budget that you think he’ll like most, and YOU get that for him. Then, SUGGEST the other stuff that you wanted to get him to his family members or anyone else who’s getting him a gift (and they WILL be looking for ideas because believe me they don’t know how to shop for him either). It’s a win-win!"
Funny, or what? Anyways, this is just a snippet. Go read the full article!

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Anonymous said...

My Ford Tempo is going to be the coolest Tempo in town. I already have Mr. T and Dennis Hopper on my Tomtom. I got them from, but if the Knight Rider GPS is as good as them, I might just have to get one.

Now all I need to do is get my wife see this post!