Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hippies & Bankers

Sorry for the extremely late post today. Had some problems accessing the internet today & then was super busy trying to get ready for Happy Hippyz + the bf's annual Persatuan Pemasaran Kewangan Malaysia dinner tomorrow (ya' know... dress, shoes, nails, etc.). Yes, he's in banking & no, bankers really do know how to have fun! I never fail to have fun at these shindings & boy, the lucky draw prizes they give out every year are just crazy! Fancy a RM20,000 OSIM massage chair? Or a 40 inch plasma TV? Like I said, crazy. Hmmm.... but then again, with the worldwide economic slump maybe the prizes won't be as great. Anyways, I'll keep my fingers & toes crossed so hopefully the prizes will be just as fabulous & I'll actually walk away with one of them this year. Wish me luck!

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