Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Everyone needs to do their part so go cast your votes kawan-kawan (if you haven't already done so) ✌
Fellow Malaysians, I'm sure you've had it up to your eyeballs hearing & reading people's reactions to the General Elections of 2013 so I'm not about to bore you as so many others have expressed my thoughts & sentiments better than I ever could. All I want to say is I'm proud of us. Proud of us for going out in record numbers to vote. Proud of the majority us who have accepted the results with stoicism, positivity & humour (a certain hashtag had me giggling all of last night). BN won, but barely. PR lost, but gained so much more. I hope with all my heart our newly re-elected Prime Minister will make good on his promises, especially on the issue of so-called "national reconciliation." Shame on him for playing the race card though & if this is the way BN is starting things off, the next 5 years will be "interesting," to say the least.

Here are some links that I think are good reads…
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A young girl writes to her BN supporting friends
Anyone come across any good articles from BN supporters, leaders or party members, send the link my way. Much appreciated. 

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