Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Love Blogsy

If you've noticed I've been blogging quite a bit more than usual. Ok fine, given my absence these last couple of months, a HECK of a lot more! That's all thanks to a new app I just discovered for my iPad: Blogsy. It's so easy to use & tons better than any other iPad or iPhone Blogger app I've used before. For example, to share media like pictures or videos from your various social platforms like Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Vimeo, all you have to do is drag & drop... no html formatting required! I can safely say the USD4.99 I spent was well worth it & you'll be hearing more from me as I'm practically glued to my iPad mini.

Here's a screenshot of this very post. Oh and on a sidenote, I like to split my keyboard as it just makes it easier for me to type with my thumbs while holding up the iPad. In case you don't already know how, to split you just drag the keyboard apart with your thumbs & to unsplit it, just swipe them back together. Does that make sense? Wait, here's a video with a thorough explanation...

How cool is that? I discovered this function by accident one day while fiddling around with the settings (in case the above doesn't work for you, you either need to upgrade to the latest iOS or just switch on the function at your keyboard settings).

Anyways, looking forward to more blog time thanks to Blogsy. See you around folks!


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