Monday, May 13, 2013

Filem: Worlds Away

I will never forget the time I got to watch a live Cirque Du Soleil performance. I was down in Florida, checking out the Universities there with my father. Since we are big Disney fans, we visited all the Disney parks too & decided at the last minute to catch a Cirque Du Soleil show at Treasure Island, without really knowing what it was or what we were in for. It was magical to say the least & easily the highlight of our trip.

Thanks to the wonderful directing of Andrew Adamson & cinematography of James Cameron, now anyone can catch a Cirque show. I rented Worlds Away on iTunes for USD4.99 & have watched it 3 times in the 48 hours I have. Simply put, it's a love story & incorporates acts from the seven Cirque du Soleil shows running in Las Vegas in 2011: O, Mystère, Kà, Love, Zumanity, Viva Elvis and Criss Angel Believe which all culminates with an aerial courtship between the two main characters.

Words can not even begin to explain the artistry that goes into each if Cirque Du Soleil's performances so my advise is that you just watch it & be prepared to be mesmerised.


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