Friday, July 22, 2011

Urbanscapes 2011 Snap Shots Part 2

Welcome to Urbanscapes 2011 & the specially curated Tongue In Chic Turf that I had the privilege of being a part of again this year.

Peek-a-boo, I see you (from behind my table)!

This year I managed to resist the temptation of shopping for clothes but when it came to the food (namely the desserts), I just had to succumb. From top to bottom: That Last Slice had macarons & coney dogs to die for, The Last Polka’s homemade ice cream is a must try (my absolute favorite is the Salted Gula Melaka) & Raindough’s colorful treats.

Was so tempted by the bright, happy colors at Raindough that I bought not just one but two types of cake. Luckily I had Cheri to help me eat them (along with the myriad of other delectables I bought that day! Like I always say, sharing is caring hehehe).

A Million Happy Faces project makes me very happy indeed. There should be more projects like this IMO :)

These old, over-sized “bobbins” (I’m drawing a blank on what they’re called. Anyone?) for electrical cables were given a new lease in life by local artistes. My favorite is the one pictured at the bottom with little hand drawn paper cut outs. Every time you roll it you get a different scene. Genius! Wish I could credit the artist responsible for this so if you know, drop me a comment below k?

So glad I got to catch Reza Salleh perform even from afar. His album gets a lot of play in my craft room & he sounded just as good live.

Right before I packed up for the night, I managed to snap a couple of pictures from more of my favorite vendors (see Part 1 for more). From top to bottom: Syamly’s LightBloks are a crowd favorite as usual & Things Eye Made’s new & very cool set up.

Well, that's part 2 of Urbanscapes 2011 (part 1 here), captured by my camera. If you went & blogged about it, do share the link to your post at the comment section below. I'd love to see/read your perspective!


shelbybaby said...

looove your birds eye view (well not really bev but you gettit) of urbanscapes! this further justifies i n.e.e.d an iphone(!!).. curious question: how do you and the lot divide / space your pics so equally? is it an iphone app thingy?

Murni said...

thanks shelby! i actually used my Olympus PEN camera set in Pin Hole mode to take the shots & then edited the pictures with a Photoshop filter that's similar to Instagram's Earlybird. you can of course use an iPhone + the aforementioned Instagram app + Diptic app (which is the best for layouts IMO) to achieve a similar look. it's much easier too! i love my iPhone but my hubby's Android phone is pretty cool too + you get all sorts of awesome apps for free so it's worth a looksee if you're in the market for a new phone ;)

DoodleDesign said...

hi! i really enjoy looking at your pics at the event. Your shop looked so lovely too. Thanks for sharing :)

Murni said...

thanks for dropping by doodledesign! i'm so glad that you enjoyed the pictures too. were you at urbanscapes?