Tuesday, July 12, 2011

At The Cuppacake Show

(Top) The usual oh-hello-that's-me-in-the-mirror shot with my set up at Wondermilk, Citta Mall. (Bottom; left to right) 1. My French Vanilla & brand new Pink Jambu tinted lip balms. Notice the new labels? I love them! 2. Since the event was at night, I thought it'd be the perfect time to bring out my candles.

I had a blast at Wondermilk’s Cuppacake Show last Sunday! Held in conjunction with Citta Mall’s launch, there were free cupcakes at Wondermilk for the first couple of hundred (if you missed that, you could’ve bought cupcakes at 50% off), then free face painting, free popcorn, free candy floss & free performances! It was awesome!!

High-five to everyone who dropped by my table & sorry if I didn’t get a chance to say hello properly. There were so many people at one point that I felt like my hands & mouth were moving at lightning speed & my brain couldn’t quite catch up. Does that make sense? Haha.

Anyhoots, a hearty congratulations to Wondermilk for opening their second branch with a third underway & opening soon! Man, those folks are growing by leaps & bounds. They are a true inspiration to indie businesses here in Malaysia & I’d like to emulate what Jezmine tweeted: *tabik hormat sambil berdiri* (a standing salute). Thanks Wondermilk for letting Mimpi Murni take part in your awesomeness even if it’s a small part. Yay!

Here are a couple of shots I managed to sneak in…

(Top) the inside of Wondermilk’s new cafe at Citta Mall. All the tables & chairs were cleared away to make space for the crowd & performances. This was taken when the cafe wasn’t filled to the brim with people. (Bottom; left to right) 1. Mira & Imran have got to be the cutest couple ever! They even rock in face paint! 2. Lilith & Asher also took part which thrilled me to no end as I’m in love with their wooden alphabets & animal prints. Animals in suits & smoking a pipe? Yes, please… 3. A spiffy giraffe. I wanted to take this fella home but opted for a white rabbit instead. I still want the giraffe though.


Anonymous said...

lovely table presentation murni! as always! i'm back in august, let's meet up for buka maybe??

Murni said...

thanks maz! yes, let's buka together. you still have my number? i lost yours when i changed phones (accidentally deleted my contacts) :(

can't wait to see you & your little bumble bee soon!

Lilith and Asher said...

Hi Murni!

Beautiful photos! We just want to clarify that the cat artwork is not by Lilith & Asher, it is by Ryan Berkley. If you'd like to purchase them you can go to http://www.etsy.com/people/berkleyillustration because we have stopped selling them. The frame however is ours. So glad you that you liked our wooden alphabets. Thanks for the support!

Hi Murni!

Beautiful photos! To avoid misunderstanding, we just want to clarify that the animal prints artwork is not by Lilith & Asher, it is by Ryan Berkley http://www.etsy.com/people/berkleyillustration. The frame however is ours. So glad you liked our wooden alphabets. We love your buntings! Thank you for the support, Murni!