Friday, July 8, 2011

*NEW* Lip Balm! Pink Jambu

I’m soooo excited to share with you my latest obsession: tinted lip balms! I whipped this up with my yummy-good-for-you cocoa butter lip balm base & added some pink iridescent mica (an all natural coloring) that once applied will give your lips a lovely blush of color. It’s definitely not as bright as pictured above but gives you just a hint of color that’s perfect for everyday wear plus it’s oh-so-moisturising so you can’t go wrong!

I’m in love with the swirls of iridescence in my new lip balms (click on the image above to truly appreciate the color) & I love the slight tingling sensation on the lips from the peppermint oil I added which smells really yummy too! This particular color is called Pink Jambu & will be debuting at this Sunday’s Wondermilk Cuppcake Show so do drop by to snap one up.

I’m working on more shades as we speak but silly me forgot that I’m out of lip balm tubes (face palm moment) so I made some of Pink Jambu in little jars along with the usual tubes but the other shades will have to wait. I should get more tubes before Urbanscapes next weekend so do stay tuned for the latest developments!


nadiakimie said...

pretty! i must admit i prefer lip balms in jars instead of tubes though :)

Murni said...

thanks for the input nadia! i'll definitely consider making the jars a permanent option then ;)