Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Survived Urbanscapes 2011

Yes, indeed. I survived the throngs of people, the wet field & pockets of mud, the heat & humidity & the best thing is, I also managed to resist all temptations to spend money… until I took a whiff of the food & desserts that is! Most of my money went to That Last Slice, Raindough & Chef Tony’s Gourmet Popcorn, I kid you not.

But seriously, I had an awesome time & the TiC Turf set up was fantastic! I mean, helloooo? DJs right smack in the middle (music was a little loud but oh well, never mind because the music was great & the DJs were eye candy hehe), carnival games that were free of charge, garden tables & chairs for people to chill on, some quirky backdrops to cam whore at, fairy lights, Chinese paper lanterns, balloons… I only wish every market was like this.

Needless to say, when I managed to sneak away from my table a couple of minutes (thanks to Cheri who helped out that day!) I took as much pictures as I could of the going-ons of Urbanscapes. I’m in the midst of editing them but I should have them up soon, fingers crossed.

I must say the folks of Freeform really outdid themselves this year. Kudos to the team & my special thank you to Karen for taking care of us TiC vendors & being such a sweetheart. Woman, if you were stressed, you didn’t show it! Shout out also to Gwen & to former TiC editor Sueann for her continued support.

Watch this space for pictures from Urbanscapes 2011!


Princess Aurora said...

Hi Dear,
I met you at Wondermilk Chitta mall launching n my dotter loves the cloth banner tu...

How do i order it dear? I want to put my dotter name on it too...

Shana 019-2576911

Anonymous said...

Hello there.

'Most of my money went to That Last Slice, Raindough & Chef Tony’s Gourmet Popcorn, I kid you not.'


Anyways, I had a good time at Urbanscapes this year! Hope to see Mimpi Murni next year!

Murni said...

Hi Shana! Thanks for your email & order. I'm working on it today ;)

Hey ya Iskandar, thanks for dropping by. The food at Urbanscapes was just too hard to resist kan? LOL! God willing, see you next year! :D