Thursday, April 23, 2009


Thought I'd share with you this great concept of eco-friendly envelopes which you be reused & resent over & over again.

How it works:
The re-velope is stitched together sailcloth material. It is sealed with double sided sticky tape and if you wanted to, you could stitch it closed for extra security. The original re-velope has a window on the front with a slit in the back where you slide in a piece of paper with the address and return address. Stamps go on the front, as normal, and you can either peel them off or stick more on top for the next time around. And, unless you write a really long letter, the re-velope mails with regular postage. (Info taken off here)

What a great way to save the environment right? Check out the Re-velope's website for purchasing info if you're interested. I know I am!

Spotted on Jars of Cute.

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