Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Office Booby Trap

Although I don't work in an office environment with others (unless you count 2 dogs as colleagues), I can feel your pain when someone comes into your cubicle uninvited to steal some stationery or to help themselves to your snack drawer. Well, it's time to arm yourselves folks!

Build this Office Booby Trap & relish in sweet revenge. Muahahaha!

Seen via Instructables.


Jenny Pong said...

Muahahaa... we'll get a show cause letter from the management for injuring another person in office if we do have such booby trap set up... =P

Murni said...

i wouldn't want you to get into trouble jenny! heheheh

Zuriani Y. said...

looks veyr very dangerous. haahaa. imagine those things fly directly to the eyes.

Murni said...

good point! you could use balled up blu-tack (you know that sticky putty thingie?)... i think it'll be hilarious (& not dangerous)!