Monday, November 3, 2008

Bijou Bazaar @ Eco Film Fest

Like my new sign? It's a simple sequin embroidery that I really enjoy doing & a total stress reliever for me. Anyways, as I couldn't wake up early enough to get a better spot out front, my table was somewhere in the back making me kinda hard to spot... but hey, some of you actually found me! So a big thank you to all of those whom swung by my table at the bazaar in support of Mimpi & eco loveliness ;)

My thoughts on the 1st ever Eco Film Fest? Honestly, I really didn't see much of it other than the bazaar so I'm definitely not the best person to give you the low down. Although I did think the location for Bijou Bazaar was too poky & dark which left many of the traders in a foul mood based on the "territory" fights that broke out.... people can be so nasty for the simplest reasons. Luckily I got a sunlit spot with lots of space so I was spared from any drama. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed myself meeting new people especially those who came to support such a great cause in saving our environment.

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