Friday, October 31, 2008


I've got so many things cooking under the hood. Been busy with classes, orders, preparing for the Eco Film Fest & a few other things (that will be revealed in time... jeng jeng jeng!). I promise the big blog shop update will be done soon so do stay tuned darlings.

Anyways, thought I'd share a few random things you may not know about me nor necessarily interested to know but hey, it's my blog & I get to blog about whatever I want! Muahahaha! Here goes:

+ I love goreng pisang
+ I drink a lot of water but I'm constantly thirsty
+ I absolutely have to read before I sleep. It helps me "switch off"
+ I'm a huge crybaby. PETRONAS commercials are real tearjerkers
+ I secretly wish I was a performance artist in Cirque du Soleil
+ I'm very messy but I know where everything is.... really!
+ I can not function without a can of Coke
+ I wish I could cook like Nigella Lawson
+ I hate being called Girl or Ah Moi
+ I was a huge Weezer fan in high school
+ I don't, won't & can't karoake
+ I wish I was in Disney World Orlando right now


shelbybaby said...

whoah. =w=eezer fans UNITE!! if you ever get wind of bands playing =w= covers locally (esp acoustic sets) do let me know. watching the (real) band perform is in my to-do-list before i turn 30.

Murni said...

great to meet another weezer fan! i actually have a friend who went to Japan just to watch them perform live. ah the thing we do for weezer huh? hahahah

LIZZIE said...

PETRONAS commercials just pull that string in the heart don't they? (Tho I try to cover up most of the time. Looking hard and cool.. Haha)

Hey, I can't function without Coke too. My power drink every day. Then in 10 years time, I might get diabetes (Aiya, choy choy choy!!)


Murni said...

hahaha i know what you mean! i always crack a joke after watching those ads just to seem all macho!

it's great to hear from a fellow "Coke" addict ;) i always feel guilty buying another bottle of Coke but what to do? *sigh* it's frighteningly refreshing!