Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fashion With Heart

The following has been taken from here as I'm rather busy at the mo (and lazy)! :P

Bijour Bazaar will be showcasing "FASHION WITH HEART" on the weekend of November 1st and 2nd at ASWARA in conjunction with the Eco Film Fest. To further feel the green efforts that the Bijou Bazaar vendors are bringing to the Fest, most of the items on sale are either vintage, eco-friendly or sustainably made. As a commitment to the environment, the vendors will NOT be using plastic bags for all purchases made by the public. Please refer to their website for more information. The eco warriors with Bijou Bazaar are:

+ The Shoplifters -
+ Button My Buttons -
+ Mimpi by Murni -
+ Saya Sukalah -
+ MyFavouritees -
+ Laqoo -
+ Pop Vintage -
+ Superrolling -
+ Stepz Creation -
+ Wada's Wardrobe -
+ Nikotina Collectibles -

+ a handful of offline people

+ and last but not least RASKAL, Jalan Imbi will be bringing a Bandung label to Bijou: UNKL347 -

Saturday Acoustic Session | 1 November 2008

+ Silwayd -
+ The Peanuts -
+ E.G. -

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