Wednesday, November 5, 2008

20 Questions

Boy, am I glad I finally get to update this blog with my new designs! It's been ages since I last did (10 Oct!!!!) & I was getting almost daily emails & smses....

"Murni, when are you going to update?"
"Will you be updating soon?"
"Please let me know as soon as you've updated your blog"

I love your persistence ladies! Hahaha :P

Oh, I have to poin
t out as well that I will longer be taking orders via SMS as it's really hard to keep track of orders that way plus some people actually text me late at night WHILE I'M SLEEPING! Come on folks, I know the customer is always right but please have a little consideration for the seller eh?

On another note, I was invited to be on the 20 Questions show last night! Produced by Mia Palencia under the Pop Folio umbrella & hosted by the wickedly funny duo, David Yeow & Joel Loi, it's an online show geared towards inspiring youths. I was honored to be asked in the first place & I had so much fun with the hosts that the whole experience turned out to be virtually painless even though I KNOW I fumbled on a question or two (or three or four).

My episode will be out in 2 - 3 weeks & if you tune in, you might be able to win a free necklace from me! New episodes are out every Wednesday so don't miss it k? Get more info on the 20 Questions show here. Do check it out as it's such a great show & the people behind it (hey ya, Adam, Hardesh, Joel, David & Mia!) are genuinely passionate & are such inspiring people themselves. Plus, they all get bonus points for being very funny & super nice. Oh, and I got an awesome goodie bag too!


shelbybaby said...

good for you!! yeayyy..!!

Murni said...

thank you babe! :D