Thursday, November 13, 2008

Make Your Own Notebook

Saw this brilliant idea on Design*Sponge (yes, I read it almost everyday): Eco-Friendly Notebooks! What's so eco-friendly about it? Well, first of all the pages in the notebooks are made with discarded sheets of A4 paper printed on one side (you know the type that piles up in the office). And what's so brilliant about this not very earth shattering idea? Well, the discarded paper is folded in half with the clean side facing out. That way you get a clean sheet with extra thickness (great for sketching design ideas) and you save the environment from further waste! Slap on some nice vintage paper on cardboard for the covers, add binding (for something like RM1.60 at the local stationery shop) & there you have it, your own notebook! I don't know why I didn't think of it before?!? Instructions here.


shaz said...

hai kak murni, this is shaz- saya sukalah.

i read design*sponge every 4 hrs!! love it to the max! hahah..
the d.i.y are so cool kan?

Murni said...

hi shaz!! yeah i LOVE the diy! great minds think alike huh? hehehehe